Selecting an online sportsbook to create your account with. Reputable sites offer safe, legal access for betting on football games. Use only regulated sportsbooks and not offshore sites operating illegally. Sportsbooks make money by charging vig or juice on losing bets, similar to how casinos profit off game odds. Most sites offer numerous promos and bonuses on sign-up as they compete for your business. Be sure to compare odds and lines prior to placing any wagers.   

Funding your account  

Once your account is created, you’ll need to deposit funds to bet with. Most sportsbooks accept all major credit cards and e-wallets like PayPal. Some sites also support online bank transfers and PayNearMe cash payments at convenience stores. Once funded, your “bankroll” shows the amount available to bet. Winnings from wagers hit this same balance and are transferable back to your bank account.

Understanding the lines and odds

Sportsbooks post lines consisting of two key numbers – the spread and the total points line. Spreads aim to handicap favorite and underdog teams to create closer to even betting on both sides. If the Bills are -7.5 point favorites over the Jets, they must win by 8+ for Bills bets to cash. Totals lines (over/under) set a benchmark for combined points scored. Sportsbooks also post moneyline odds if you simply want to bet on a game or match winner outright. Typical NFL money lines look like Chiefs -180 (bet $180 to win $100) vs Raiders +150 (bet $100 to win $150). The numbers reflect each team’s implied win probability. Understanding how to read the different lines is crucial for betting.

Placing your football bets

When ready to bet, you simply click or tap on the posted odds for the wager and line you are interested in. It adds the bet slip to your account, where you enter your intended stake amount. Review to make sure the bet details including the line, odds, and payouts match what you want to wager on. Then confirm to lock it in. Your account will immediately reflect the active bet. Sportsbooks offer a wide menu of individual game lines, player prop odds, live betting during matches, futures bets on season-long results, and more. Don’t forget to explore all the football betting options available as you get started. Visit here for more info by clicking here.

Monitoring results  

Now comes the fun part – sitting back and monitoring how your football bets pan out. Sportsbook accounts provide up-to-the-minute details on how pending wagers are performing. Your account history also logs full betting and payment activity for easy tracking. Most sites also offer live streaming of games alongside real-time odds. This allows you to sweat each play knowing the scoring implications of your bets. If unsure of how standings impact your active wagers, use the chat feature for assistance.

Ready to cash out your football betting winnings? Sportsbooks process withdrawals back to the original deposit method used. It includes bank accounts, PayPal, prepaid cards, online banking transfers, cash pickup, and even physical checks by courier. ID verification is usually required when creating accounts and requesting the first payout. Allow 24-72 hours for withdrawal review and 5-10 days to receive funds. It’s easy and convenient to bet on football games from home.